Monday, July 14, 2014

A Pouch to???

Ok, I am going to post some links here. Some time ago I posted about this cool little mess kit for my pack; Stanley Camp Cook Set, this set comes with two small cups and the cooking "pot" with lid. Over all a really nice, simple cook set.
Then I picked up this handy-dandy carrier or MOLLE pouch for it; Ncstar Vsim Airsoft Molle Hydration Bottle Water Carrier Tan - CVWBC2948T. This pouch can be attached to a backpack or ruck. Also has a shoulder strap to carry solo. In my MOLLE pouch I carry my field silverware, small single burner stove, fire starter, one can of fuel for the stove, a small stainless steel tea strainer for making various woodland teas for refreshment, and one stainless steel cup that the mess kit fits nicely in. Very spacious and keeps the field mess kit together. Another handy product is this Stanley Utility Water Bottle 24 ounce. One can replace the mess kit with this stainless steel water bottle if desired.
The links are from Amazon, but you can find some of these items at one of the big box stores for a bit cheaper (W*lmart). The pouch is a bargain on Amazon.

Below are some photos of the goodies. The digital pouch has a smaller pocket, the tan pouch is a bit bigger overall.

Below is the contents of the digital pouch attached to my pack.

Seeing a couple of pictures always helps. Check around for pricing on these gadgets, you just never know where a bargain can be found.